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Fashion is a full-service fashion and modeling school created by supermodel Helen Tompson. Our mission is to give aspiring talent what it takes to achieve success in the thrilling, but difficult industry. We offer comprehensive training and knowledge necessary to pursue a variety of careers in the fashion field. Our students learn the best practices, taught by qualified professionals.

Design school
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Successful designer


This young 24-year-old girl has made a big splash as a successful fashion designer. Lisa began her fashion career when she released the namesake clothing line for girls ages 4-14. In 2007 she has launched her contemporary collection.

Resident stylist


Mike’s passion for styling was sparked at the age of 17 when, after falling into the fashion industry, he realised that the majority of women wanted to learn about how to dress for their own style, rather than focusing on what was in fashion.

Personal stylist


Primarily, Robert is working as a personal stylist. He has also hosted fashion events, presented televised fashion segments, styled photo shoots and fashion parades, created visual merchandising displays.



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